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Did you know that July 25 is Culinarians Day? It’s a day dedicated to chefs – or anyone who cooks.

 Speaking of food, I’m proud to share with you that a previous blog post (July 18, 2013) on food clutter and kitchen organizing tips was published in the Summer 2014 edition of Getting Organized magazine ( It’s not in the online publication but you can view it on my Web site here.

Returning to our subject, whether you’re a seasoned chef (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun) or a newbie cook, here are 9 tips which you may find helpful when cooking. The bottom line? Organize before and during cooking.

1.  First, be sure to read through the entire recipe and understand all the steps.

2.  Get out all ingredients, tools, pots and pans before starting.

3.  Next, prep — measure, chop, peel, mix and grease pans.

4.  Do messy steps in the sink.

5.  Work on the next step while onions are cooking or waiting for water to boil.

6.  Do what professional chefs do: Clean up constantly, especially if your work area is small. And you won’t have a huge mess to deal with when you’re done.

7.  Put tools back in the same place each time so you know where to get them next time.

8.  Get rid of unnecessary gadgets. They create clutter, waste space and make it harder to find what you need.

9.  When using a recipe, put it in a sheet protector to guard it against messes.

Here are 4 bonus kitchen tips:

1.  Get rid of extra food storage containers that take up valuable space or are missing either the container or lid. See Product of the Month for an inexpensive, space-saving solution.

2.  Inventory your dishware, glasses, coffee cups, mugs, tumblers, flatware, utensils and serving pieces. Most kitchens I’m asked to organize have a massive amount of these things. They waste space and time by making it difficult to find what you want. Based on the number of people in your home and how often dishes are washed, keep what you need and donate, recycle or toss the rest. If some things are sentimental, add them to your memorabilia box. If you don’t have a memorabilia box, start one!

3.  When loading the dishwasher, put forks, knives, teaspoons and soupspoons in separate compartments in the silverware bin. When done, grab the utensils by type and put them away. (Be careful with the knives!)

4.  To save space when storing stemware, place every other glass upside down.

To celebrate Culinarians Day, prepare a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try or make one of your special favorites. Bon appetit.


Product of the Month

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Storage Containers

They’re clear, square for optimal storage, the lids snap together and to the container bases and they fit different sized containers, which nest to take minimal storage space. I use these containers and have recommended them to my clients. Rubbermaid sells this 40-piece set for $20.99. Other sets are available. For more information or to buy, click here.


Notable Quote

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!  ~Author Unknown


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