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Disorganized at home? Take a quiz and find out!

Due to disorganization, are you:


Overwhelmed by clutter?
Frustrated because you can’t find what you need when you need it?
Embarrassed when others see your home?
Constantly adding too much stuff to storage areas?
Struggling with too many priorities?

Due to disorganization, have you:


Used more than one calendar and forgotten appointments written in the “other” one?
Lost personal opportunities?
Been late or unprepared for appointments or deadlines?
Bought something you already had but couldn’t find or didn’t remember you had?
Struggled when deciding what to keep or toss?

Which describes your situation?

You’re running late and the keys can’t be found as you’re racing out the door. On the way to school, your child says the project due today was left at home so you turn around and realize that you’ll be late for work again, putting your job in jeopardy. You have an argument about why it was forgotten. You frown as you realize that your child is just as disorganized as you and it will have negative consequences throughout life. When you get home that evening, you suddenly remember an appointment with your new doctor (what is the name?) first thing tomorrow — the same time you scheduled (two months ago!) an important meeting with your best client. There are piles of papers everywhere and you can’t find that slip of paper with the doctor’s name and phone number to reschedule. There are a couple of past-due notices as you glance at the ever-growing pile of unopened mail. The bills will be paid late…again. There is nothing to eat for dinner and you’re too exhausted to buy groceries and prepare a meal. Your life is controlling you.

As you’re leaving to drive your child to school and then head to work, your keys are where they belong so you grab them and go. Your child has the school project due today and you talk in the car about how fun it was to do together. You smile as you realize that your child is learning good organizing habits that will help achieve greater success throughout life. Your mind drifts to tomorrow’s meeting with your best client and the appointment with the new doctor later in the week, and you’re prepared for both.� When you get home that evening, you open and sort the mail as you do every day. You file a couple of bills for payment, knowing they’ll be paid on time as usual. The refrigerator and freezer are adequately stocked so the planned dinner just needs heating. Everything is kept where it belongs so you easily find what you need. You are in control of your life.

Did you answer "YES" to more than 3 questions? Is your life out of control?

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