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My staging process

Staging a Home: Sell Your House Fast and for Top Dollar

Published in Greater Philadelphia House & Home magazine

Mix location, location, location with emotion, emotion, emotion for the best results in selling your home!

The way one lives in a house and sells it should be very different. For a quick, top-dollar sale, the house must look its best and stand out from the competition. Home staging, properly done, makes the difference between a good result and a great result.

My staging motto is emotion, emotion, emotion. Why? Because home buying is an emotional, not intellectual, decision. Something about your house must connect on a deeper level with buyers. Also, many buyers want the house to be move-in ready, not one that needs work.


My Comprehensive Assessment Consultation is a major selling advantage

To begin, I meet the seller (or real estate agent) at the house to conduct my unique Comprehensive Assessment Consultation (CAC). The purpose is to assess the appearance of the house and recommend improvements to make before listing the house for sale.

We take a thorough tour of the house, inside and out. Seeing through buyers’ eyes, I point out major and minor cosmetic flaws that buyers notice and mentally deduct from your asking price. I provide an action plan with my recommendation and, if requested, my priority order. You decide which improvements to make.

You won’t get this level of detail about your home’s flaws from family or friends. And owners don’t see them. Don’t let buyers discover them before you do.

Next Steps


Decluttering is the first, and most important, step.


Next, your furniture and accessories are edited and strategically placed to maximize square footage and focus buyers on the best features of what you’re selling – the house.


To give your house the wow factor that commands top dollar, the last step is what I call Final Staging Touches. Emotion-stirring vignettes are created in major rooms throughout the house. They draw in buyers and create the all-important emotional connections.

Adriane and I carefully went through every room. Seeing through a potential buyer’s eyes, she noticed every detail. [Adriane’s] home-staging services has [sic] improved my house’s first impression to attract buyers’ attention and ultimately increased my home value.

~Im Ja Choi, Top-producing Realtor

Go From For Sale to Sold!

Home staging gets you the best return on the sale of your biggest asset.

It’s an investment that pays for itself — and costs way less than your first price reduction!

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