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Secrets to Get and Stay Organized

Happy New Year! Wow, 2020. Are you excited about beginning a new year? A new decade? According to the American Psychological Association, 93% of people make New Year’s resolutions. Getting organized is really popular. Learn my secrets to get and stay organized and prevent your efforts from going off the rails.

Yes, now is a perfect time to make resolutions. But first, let’s get real.

According to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions by February. Why? Much of it is predictable. People don’t actually want to have to work at change; they just really wish it’d happen without much effort. ‘

False Hope Syndrome gives us a scientific reason why so many goals fail. Social scientists say that because we think self-change is easy, we set big resolutions that aren’t realistic. We are destined to fail.

For those who really want to succeed, here are secrets to lasting success.

  • Keep your focus on why the goal is important to you

Situation: You haven’t had people to your messy, disorganized home in years. You suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome).

Your Why: You desperately want your house to be organized so you can invite people to visit.

  • Create doable, specific mini goals

Instead of “I want to organize the whole house,” make a mini goal to organize the coat closet. The pantry can be next, and so on. Small successes are very motivating. Consider creating 12 mini goals for the year, one per month. Learn how to create SMART goals.

  • Make a plan

Schedule working sessions in your calendar. Gather supplies when you’re ready to start decluttering: containers labeled Donate, Recycle and Belongs Elsewhere, and trash bags. Use a timer if you tend to get distracted.

  • Have an accountability partner

Choose someone you respect with a positive outlook and not judgmental. Dr. Mehmet Oz’s advice: Confide in one friend, “then share achievements with others when you’re on the road to success.”

  • Create a vision board

Add images and quotations illustrating how you want your home to look and function.

  • Have a maintenance plan

Return things to their homes immediately after use.

  • Be kind to yourself

It’s not unusual to backslide so just take a deep breath, reaffirm your commitment and start anew.

Click here for even more helpful tips to set yourself up for success.

Give yourself rewards along the way for doing a great job! Take pride in your accomplishments.

When you’ve accomplished your goal, invite friends over for a party. Feel free to share my secrets to get and stay organized. Most of all, show them what you achieved. That will feel ah-may-zing!


Adriane Weinberg

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