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Create a super functional home officeWhen I moved to my house 24 years ago, I created a super functional home office in a spare bedroom. You probably think that makes sense because I’m a professional organizer. Well, I wasn’t back in 1996. (OK, I’ve been organized since I was a kid.)

Maybe you need a home office because you’re sheltering at home during COVID-19. Your spouse, kids and dogs are home All. The. Time. 24/7. You’re tutoring, grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, keeping the kids from killing each other and on and on and on. Who has time to think about a home office? Or maybe your existing home office no longer works for you. Here’s what you should consider.

The space is important

  • Location and size requirements
  • Absolute quiet or background music/noise
  • Dedicated or shared
  • Private, camera-ready area for Zoom calls

Furniture, equipment and supplies

  • Desk for a laptop or computer, working files, paperwork and room to work
  • Good lighting
  • Comfortable chair
  • Office supplies
  • Printer
  • Electrical outlets nearby
  • Strong Internet connection

For the space-challenged

  • Use all or part of the dining room or living room
  • Repurpose a clothes closet by adding a work surface, shelves, chair and lighting
  • An office armoire can be closed for privacy
  • Try to avoid the kitchen since it’s a busy area
  • Avoid the bedroom which should be a peaceful space

Generally speaking

  • Have boundaries — let everyone know when you cannot be disturbed except for a true emergency like the house is on fire.
  • Add decorative touches to make the space feel inviting and comfortable
  • Create a schedule and stick to it

An extra bedroom, or any unused room, works best but use any space you can. It’s not difficult to create a super functional home office in a less than ideal space. Sometimes it just takes some creativity. Contact me if you’d like help to figure it out.

Adriane Weinberg

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