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When I was a new professional organizer in 2000 in a new industry (National Association of Professional Organizers started in 1985; a name change is about to become public), there were challenges. Lots of them. The main one? No one ever heard of professional organizer — or knew anything about how I improve peoples’ lives by teaching how to get organized at work and home.

Along the way, I learned things from my clients. I discovered they used some everyday products in unexpected ways. For example, Ziploc bags were used to organize papers, coins, makeup, crayons, pens and much more. Genius! And to think I just used Ziplocs for food storage.

To honor my creative clients, here are 17 clever uses for Ziploc bags (other than food storage):

  1. Snip a corner, fill with frosting and squeeze to decorate a cake.
  2. Pound chicken breasts to the desired thickness, then toss the bag.
  3. Turn graham crackers into pie-crust crumbs using a rolling pin.
  4. Corral game pieces, crayons, stickers, craft supplies.
  5. Contain messy or sticky products.
  6. Fill with ice cubes to make quick ice packs.
  7. Make a first-aid kit containing bandages (various sizes), antiseptic, pain relievers, wipes and hand sanitizer to keep in the car.
  8. Sort daily outfits for children when traveling.
  9. Keep a moist washcloth in the car for quick cleanups.
  10. Separate Legos and Matchbox cars.
  11. Clean a showerhead: fill a bag with enough vinegar to cover it, attach with a twist tie to the shower arm, leave until residue is gone and rinse.
  12. Store manuals together by category, such as electronics and major appliances.
  13. Marinate meat, chicken, fish.
  14. Protect your tablet or phone when following a recipe while cooking.
  15. Hold a wet bathing suit and towel.
  16. Store dirty jumper cables in the trunk of the car.
  17. If you must stop while painting, put the brush in a bag and close it—the paint will stay fresh.

And, of course, Ziplocs can be used to transport goldfish!

There are several size options: Common ones are snack, sandwich, XL sandwich, quart, gallon and two-gallon. Specialty sizes are available too. Just select the right size for your needs.

Did you know Ziplocs also come in large, heavy-duty plastic bags called Big Bags (large 15”x15”, extra-large 24”x20”, and jumbo 24”x32”), and rectangular Flexible Totes (extra-large 16”x13”x10.9”, and jumbo 26”x16”x12”)? Sometimes they can fit in spaces better than hard plastic or cardboard boxes. They hold things like sports gear, linens and clothing. For information on Ziploc products, go to

What are other clever uses for Ziplocs? What other products do you use in innovative ways?





Adriane Weinberg

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